Fire & First Aid

In Case of Emergency, Dial 911

Resale of Property:

Certificate of Occupancy for resale of property
The Township of Montville does not require a new Certificate of Occupancy on the refinance or change of ownership of a residential or commercial structure as long as there is no change in use.

Smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm test required for resale of residential property

Inspection is required by the State for the transfer of residential property. The inspection must be scheduled with one of the three Fire Prevention Bureaus, depending on the location of your property. Information regarding the boundaries of the fire districts and the contact information for the bureaus can be found below.


The Township of Montville is very fortunate to have a cadre of volunteers who provide around-the-clock fire protection and first aid services. These volunteers serve in one of three fire districts - Montville, Towaco and Pine Brook - or on the township-wide Montville Township First Aid Squad.

Fire Districts

Each Fire District raises operating and capital funds through the local property tax. Each district is governed by an elected Board of Fire Commissioners. Fire protection operations are headed by the Fire Chief. The Fire Districts provide services to residents and businesses within the district. District boundaries do not necessarily coincide with the historic boundaries separating Montville, Pine Brook and Towaco, nor with postal zip code boundaries. Fire district boundaries are described below.
  1. Montville Fire District No. 1
  2. Towaco Fire District No. 2
  3. Pine Brook Fire District No. 3
  4. First Aid Squad

Montville Fire District No. 1

View an abbreviated history of the Montville Fire Department, Montville Fire Department 100 Years: 1910 - 2010 (PDF).

Board of Fire Commissioners

Denise Phostole, Clerk

P.O. Box 504

Montville, NJ 07045

Email the Commissioners

Montville Fire Department

Fire Chief James Longobardi

108 Main Road

Montville, NJ 07045

Montville Fire Prevention Bureau

Fire Official

P.O. Box 152

Montville, NJ 07045

Email the Bureau


Northwest section of the Township. The northern boundary is the border with Kinnelon; the western boundary is the border with Boonton and Parsippany; and the southern boundary is River Road and Horseneck Road from the Rockaway River east to Passaic Valley Road. The eastern boundary starts on the Kinnelon border in the north and travels south along Stoney Brook Road to the intersection with Waughaw Road and continues straight south along the utility right-of-way to Changebridge Road. The eastern boundary continues south along Changebridge to the intersection with Passaic Valley Road, along Passaic Valley and terminates at Horseneck Road.