The Engineering Department is responsible for the construction of roads, parking facilities, land grading and other improvements, except for structures, related to land development applications approved by the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment. New development application files are available for review throughout the Land Use Department, however, the Engineering Department staff is also available for explanation and interpretation of plans and documents within these development applications. Prospective home buyers and/or existing nearby interested residents are welcome to inquire with their questions.

The Engineering Department is also responsible for construction of roads, drainage and public facilities improvements as approved by the Township Committee. The Engineering Staff can provide information on the collection of household garbage, recyclable materials and vegetative yard waste, and the proper disposal of other household items and appliances.

Available Maps & Plans

The Engineering Department has the following types of mapping and plans available for review and purchase by the general public.
  • Tax Assessment Maps: Tax Maps are available for viewing or downloading here.
  • FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps: Flood Insurance Rates Maps (FIRM), along with other flood study plans are available at the Municipal Office.  Staff can assist with locating the subject property on these maps but is unable to make flood zone determinations for the resident. Feel free to call our office with any questions concerning flood maps.
  • Topographic Maps: Topographic maps showing the elevation contours throughout the township are available fore viewing at the Municipal Office.
  • Open Space Maps: Showing all Township owned properties.
  • Hunting Map:  Showing all approved hunting zones with the Township here.
  • Construction Plans: Capital Improvement Project Plans are available for viewing at the Municipal Office.  

Forms & Permits

Road Opening Permits / Regulations

Township Code requires that property owners obtain a Road Opening Permit if they perform work within the public right of way.  This includes driveway drop curb replacement, sidewalk replacement, sewer, water, or gas lateral construction and other related items.  A copy of the permit application can be found here.

Blasting Permits / Regulations

Although blasting is ultimately under state jurisdiction, the township has enacted its own ordinances to monitor and control blasting within the township. You may contact the office for details on state and municipal regulations or permit forms.

Grading Plan 

The Engineering Department reviews individual lot grading plans for new residential homes, additions, pools and other.  A copy of the Engineering Checklist can be found here.

Soil Movement

The Engineering Department administers the Soil Moving permit for volumes less than 500 cubic yards.  A copy of the permit application can be found here.

Inquiries / Complaints

If questions, complaints or concerns arise regarding any of the above topics and a personal visit is not possible, the Engineering can respond to letter, email or telephone messages. Please include as much information as possible to assist in our analysis.
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