* NEW *

03/13/20: The Montville Health Department, in conjunction with county, state, and federal officials, is continuing to monitor the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. As always, our Dial-A-Ride client’s health and safety are of our utmost priority. As the two groups who are most at-risk for serious health outcomes from COVID-19 are the elderly (60+) and those with chronic illnesses, we are modifying our program for the time being to ensure that both our clients and our staff are protected, while still meeting the most essential needs of our clients.

•    Medical-needs trips (medical appointments, physical therapy, pharmacies, etc.) will still be conducted.

•    Non-essential trips (hair salons, libraries, etc.) are suspended until further notice.

•    Monday trips to shopping centers are suspended until further notice.

•    Ride-sharing (more than one client in a vehicle if they are both going to similar locations on a trip) is suspended until further notice.

•    Wednesday trips to ShopRite: we will be asking clients to purchase and pay for their items from ShopRite online, indicating when placing the order that they would like to have their items ready for pickup at ShopRite on Wednesday at 11am. Our Dial-A-Ride drivers will then pick the orders up at ShopRite and deliver them to the homes of our clients on Wednesdays. If they are unable to order online, we will be calling their emergency contact to see if that person can assist them with purchasing and paying for their ShopRite orders online. For any client who is unable to order from Shoprite online, we will be making every effort to transport them singly to and from ShopRite on Wednesday. If it is not possible to schedule all clients for food shopping on Wednesday, we will attempt to schedule these trips on an alternate day of the week if possible.

•    The Senior House is going to be closed for at least one week for cleaning, and activities there, including the Senior Nutrition Lunch Program, are suspended until further notice. The meal that is served during that program will be modified so that it is a non-perishable meal (doesn’t require refrigeration), that is pre-packed, and can be picked up on Tuesdays and Thursday curbside in front of the Senior House. For the clients that we regularly transport to the Senior Nutrition Lunch Program, a Dial-A-Ride driver will pick up the meals curbside and deliver them to the homes of the clients.

•    Bottles of an EPA-registered antimicrobial product for use against COVID-19 has been obtained and one distributed to each Dial-A-Ride vehicle for use between each ride.

•    We encourage our clients to monitor themselves for symptoms, and to notify the Dial-A-Ride program if they do feel ill. Should you have any questions, please call the Dial-A-Ride line between 9am and 12noon, Monday through Friday, at 973-331-3336. Thank you.

About the Program

The Dial-A-Ride Program is coordinated out of the Health Department, and may be reached at 973-331-3336 from 9am to 12noon Monday through Friday. Drivers provide transportation services to senior citizens of Montville and Boonton Township. Dial-A-Ride vehicles include standard passenger vehicles, and a mid-sized bus with a wheelchair lift.

Transportation Locations

Rides are provided for:
  • Medical appointments
  • Shopping malls
  • Food shopping
  • Senior Nutrition Lunch Program
  • Other activities
Montville Township works cooperatively with the Morris Area Para-transit System (MAPS) to secure rides for senior citizens when the municipal vehicles are already booked. The Dial-A-Ride vehicles are also made available to other Montville agencies for transportation in the Archway, Police Explorers, Health, and Senior Citizen Programs.